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33,732 Happy Hours Nationwide, and counting

GoTime is the nation's happy hour destination, helping you drink and dine for cheap. Here at GoTime we have scoured bars, clubs, restaurants and lounges across the nation to bring you the ultimate happy hour guide. Heck, we even had people walk the streets to track down all of the important details about your favorite local spots. Whether you're looking for a place with outdoor seating, free wifi, a trendy date spot, or even a hole-in-the-wall, we've got you covered.

With detailed information on over 275,000 places across 107 cities, GoTime is the nation's newest city guide, helping you find the right place and right time to enjoy a cocktail (or a few), without having to worry about breaking the bank!

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  •   You can find all of the good deals and the discounts that are happening in an area that you may be visiting.   

  •   The app’s creator, GoTime, has scoured a seemingly endless number of bars, clubs, and restaurants to help you take the edge off of a long day at work for a reasonable price.  

    -Amazon Wireless Blog
  •   So cool. The only way to possibly improve this service would be if a unicorn popped out of your phone and personally delivered you to said happy hour.  

    -Austin Eavesdropper
  •   This app makes it a breeze to find great happy hour specials in your neighborhood. There’s even an awesome filter that lets you view only venues with certain aspects such as free wifi and live entertainment.  

  •   In these tough economic times, people are looking for deals. They also want to drink. That's the perfect combination for GoTime...
  •   It may seem incredible to you- as it did to us- that someone would set themselves the task of collecting all the happy hours in Seattle, but that's what GoTime has done.  

  •   If they knew to download the iPhone Application, where the happy hours never end, the after party wouldn't either. Check it out!  

  •   They provide a database of every happy hour in Seattle and when I say "every" happy hour, I mean these folks have scoped out every joint in Seattle for happy hours. If you had a kegger in your back yard and called it a happy hour, they would know about it.  

    -Greg & Stuff