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Most Popular Happy Hours in Oklahoma City

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Oklahoma City Neighborhoods

Oklahoma City Bars & Clubs

  1. 1 Edna's Restaurant & Club

    Edna's Restaurant & Club

    0 Oklahoma City
  2. 2 BJ's Brewhouse
  3. 3 Skirvin Hotel Bar

    Skirvin Hotel Bar

    0 Oklahoma City
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Oklahoma City Restaurants

  1. 1 Bolero Tapas Bar & Spanish Grill
  2. 2 Abuelo's OKC-North
  3. 3 Sushi Neko

    Sushi Neko

    0 Oklahoma City
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Top Happy Hours Right Now

13 Happy Hours Right Now!
  • Booger Red's
    Booger Red's Drink: $1.25 mugs of beer; $5 pitchers of beer; $10 buckets of domestic … ends at 6:00pm
  • Lumpy's Sports Grill
    Lumpy's Sports Grill Drink: $2.50 16 oz. domestic beers, bottled of domestic beers ; $3 big d… ends at 7:00pm
  • Jamaica Joe's
    Jamaica Joe's Drink: $1.50 domestic bottled beers ends at 6:00pm
  • Ghostrider Saloon
    Ghostrider Saloon Drink: $2 long necks; $10 buckets of domestic beer ends at 6:00pm
  • Neighborhood Lounge
    Neighborhood Lounge Drink: $3.75 small pitchers of beer; $6.75 large pitchers of beer ends at 6:00pm
  • Road House
    Road House Drink: $1.75 domestics; $2.25 Tecate, Smirnoff, Corona ends at 6:00pm
  • Martini Lounge
    Martini Lounge Drink: $2.25 domestic beers; $2.50 Tecate; $1.75 Bud select ends at 7:00pm
  • Don Quixote Club
    Don Quixote Club Drink: $2 domestic beers ends at 7:00pm
  • Stonewall Tavern
    Stonewall Tavern Drink: $1.25 domestic draft beers; $2 pints of beer; $5 pitchers of dome… ends at 7:00pm