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Most Popular Happy Hours in Seattle

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  • Zig Zag Cafe Zig Zag Cafe Drink: $3.50 draft beers; $5 house red wines, hous… Mon-Fri 5pm-7pm
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    out of 37 votes
  • Nijo Nijo Drink: $3.50 draft beers, bottled beers; $5 wines;… Every Day 4pm-7pm
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    out of 61 votes
  • Jak's Grill Jak's Grill Drink: $5 house red wines, white wines; $1 off dra… Mon-Fri 4:30pm-5:30pm
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    out of 38 votes
  • The Great Nabob The Great Nabob Drink: $2 off draft beers, well drinks, red wines,… Mon-Fri 4pm-6pm
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    out of 48 votes

Seattle Bars & Clubs

  1. 1 The Triple Door

    The Triple Door

    229 Downtown
  2. 2 King's Hardware

    King's Hardware

    170 Ballard
  3. 3 Showbox


    162 Downtown
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Seattle Restaurants

  1. 1 Peso's


    252 Lower Queen Anne
  2. 2 Umi Sake House Sushi

    Umi Sake House Sushi

    227 Belltown
  3. 3 Matador


    208 Ballard
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Fun Happy Hour Stats Did you know that Pike Place Market is the happiest neighborhood in Seattle? See more fun happy hour stats see more

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